Friday, August 31, 2007

We've Got Spirit

Today was spirit day at school and the kids were asked to wear Alabama gear to daycare.

Ellie's class is having a real UA cheerleader come and teach them cheers. She already has a few moves of her own.

I have a feeling that the Alabama football team could use a little help from my linebacker.


The Maxeys said...

Baby Katherine got her first bama outfit today. We won't be tailgating until it's a little cooler, but hopefully we'll be able to come hang out with you on the quad later this fall.

Nana said...

Can't wait to come and watch them do their thing......of course I love watching them do their thing now too. Kiss those round faces for me.

Meg said...

Ellie's cheerleading uniform is so cute! I hope she got to show it off at the game day tent on the quad!
And Jackson looks like he'll be a fabulous football player one day!

meredith said...

We hope you guys all made it home ok this past weekend. It was great to see you again. Buffalo for Christmas? Love you guys.