Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Welcome To My Home

Yesterday was a very hot day! The kids and I played outsdie in the morning before lunch. After we had been outside for a little while Ellie grabbed Jackson by the hand and said "come on." She took him over to her playhouse and invited him to come in. They had fun playing in the house together. This was the first time that Jackson had been invited to Ellie's house.

Later Jackson wandered off to pick some flowers.


Grandpa Lloyd said...

Love these stories. You have a great gift for that. Do you think Ellie would invite her grandpa into her house too????

Grandma Rhonda said...

I think it is so much fun seeing these two precious grandchildren playing together like they do. It must be sooooo much fun for you to watch them in person.One day I hope to be close enough to enjoy them with you!!!!

Nana said...

I can just here her saying, m'on ack. These are just great.