Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cute As Can Be

Today after church we ate at the University Club for lunch. When we were leaving I spotted this cluster of yellow flowers and thought that it would make for an adorable piture. Seeing those two little cuties standing there was the highlight of my week. It's been a rough week, but we are just trusting God to show us what he has for us. So keep praying! We love you all. I couldn't decide which piture to post so I posted them all. Enjoy!


Nana said...

What precious little dolls. Can't wait to get hold of them again. You are doing wonderful with the pictures. One of these blown up on a canvas would be great. There's a place at the beach that does it. We'll have to go when you are here.

Grandma Rhonda said...


Grandma Rhonda said...

I have the most adorable little grandchildren!!! Oh my, you should hear the oooos and aaaaahs from Grandma and Grandpa every time we get new pictures... You have them dressed so cutely too! We are definitely praying for you all there. This week was not a shock to God although a bit for you all. He is soooo working on your behalf even now!!!! And when you can't see where he is working now, just look at your adorable children and see where is has already worked in sweet ways! We love you