Friday, May 11, 2007

Girls Night Out

The youth had a fund raiser to raise money for Youth Camp. So, I got a babysitter for Jackson and Ellie and I went to Dessert Theater. On the way there we stopped and got some gerber daisies (Mamas favorite flowers) for Aunt Gail, because she was the director of the whole show. Ellie looked absolutely adorable walking in, wearing her white dress , hair braided in pig tails and carrying the pink flowers for Aunt Gail. We sat on the very front row at a table with Cameron (Devin's girlfriend) and her mom. Ellie danced and clapped and even raised her hands. Ellie was the star of my show. Girls Night out was a lot of fun.

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Nana said...

If that sweet baby was in the front row I'm sure everyone behind you was really watching her and not the show. She may never remember girls night out but it will forever be in your heart. I know ours are in mine. I love you angel baby.