Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nap Time

Now that Jackson is a year old we are trying to eliminate his morning nap so he naps only in the afternoon. A couple of days ago I was feeding the kids lunch and it had been a while since I had heard Jackson squeal, signifying that he needed more food. When I looked over at him the little guy was sound asleep. When I walked over to him, I got so tickeled because he was still holding a piece of his grill chesse snadwich in his right hand. He was holding it so tightly that the cheese was seeping up between his fingers. I cleaned him off and put him in bed. He never woke up.


Nana said...

Oh my word is that adorable. He is running so hard all morning that he just can't make it. Skipping moring naps may mean skipping lunch for a time too.

Grandpa Lloyd said...

What a picture. I just love that peaceful look. Take advantage of the quiet moment mama - they won't be happening in a little while.