Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Messy Lunch

Today's lunch began with a little pre-meal entertainment provided by our very own Ellie Maron.

The special of the day at "Mama's Kitchen" was raviolis.

Evidently Ellie has inherited her father's need for everything to be symmetrical. You can see here that she is rubbing ravioli on her legs. Since there was ravioli on her face she decided to even it out and rub it on the rest of her body. Mama was so proud.


Nana said...

It also looks like they got Scott's neatness quality!!!!! This was so funny. Life has to be so much fun at your house. For sure it's interesting.

Grandpa Lloyd said...

Not only did she get her father's neatness but it looks like she inherited his entertaining spirit. Look at this this way, with them in house you don't need TV or other kinds of formal entertainment