Friday, July 27, 2007

Toddler Isle

Yesterday I spoke to my Grandma who is in Hawaii for two weeks (and yes she did take my Grandfather). At first I was little jealous, but then I stepped outside into my own outdoor paradise called Toddler Isle.

Toddler Isle has friendly locals willing to give you and island tour in the little tikes car - for the right price or a cookie.

The tourists enjoy climbing Turtle Mountain. After exploring Turtle Mountain it is on to splash lagoon.

Splash Lagoon is known for its many waterfalls and colorfull caverns. There is also a wide aray of sealife that make their home in the water.

On occassion there has been a mermaid spotted swimming in the waters at splash lagoon. This particular mermaid attended the The Little Mermaid Fine Arts Academy where she took a few singing lessons. Evidently, the school's staff was on vacation that day and her classes were taught by Scuttle.

Though there is no fresh pineapple to sample, the popcicle can be found by the box full. Popcicles are enjoyed not in hamocks, but toddler swings.

What would an exotic getaway be without beautiful girls doing the hula.

I'm sure Hawaii is beautiful, but my days on Toddler Isle are numbered so I plan to soak up every minute.

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