Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Vacation

The Moore family vacation began on Friday, July 29 at 5:00 AM - destination Pappy Steve and Grandma's house. After 13 hours of driving we arrived in Cranberry, PA. Here is a picture journal of our adventures.

DAY # 1 - Here we are at Cranberry Park with Pappy Steve, Zachary and Ethan.

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On our way to PA we were attacked by pirates, who stole the treasure that we were taking to Pappy Steve and Grandma. It was up to Zachary and Ethan to figure out the clues and follow the treasure map to find the missing treasure. In the park, Aunt Amber tried to tell the boys what had happened. Zachary wasn't buying it. He insisted it was a myth and he was not going to waste his time participating. Once the treasure hunt began Zachary was a believer.

After the treasure hunt we had a bon fire complete with smores.

DAY # 2 - We visited our uncles and ran some errands. Before we left we all had lunch on the back porch.

DAY # 3 - Most of the day was spent simply relaxing. However, in the evening we spotted a few monkies in the tree (one was not very happy).

DAY # 4 - We went to the Pittsburg Children's Museum with Aunt Christy and the boys. In the evening Pappy Steve and Grandma watched the kids so we could go to the Pittsburg Pirates Game. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the museum.

DAY # 5 - On the 4th of July it rained most of the day. It cleared up just in time to have a cook out and watch the fireworks.

On day six we left Pappy Steve and Grandma's house and headed to Buffalo, NY to visit the Minunni Family. We love and miss them so much.We had a wonderful time seeing the people and places where we use to live. Scott and I agreed that Buffalo didn't feel like home, but we really miss our friends and it was sad to leave. So, after being gone for 11 days we packed the car and headed home.

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Pappysteve said...

It is a very quiet Tuesday afternoon here at the Love's! Pappy just got home from work and we viewed all the adorable photos from your trip. We are readjusting to staring at each other just like two old people without kids around are supposed to. It was a wonderful visit and you are all great house guests! We love you and miss you all.

Pappy Steve and Grandma