Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One Crazy Day

Well, today was intersesting to say the least. By 10:30 AM Ellie had pee peed twice on the living room floor. During the clean up efforts Jackson was MIA. When we found him he was face first in a bowl of his sister's snack. I called his name, and he raised his head slowly with a very satisified grin on his face. His mouth was covered in crumbs and their were still a few goldfish that had managed to survive the attack stuck to his fat little cheeks. Due to the chaos of the day we had very little time to clean up, as you can see. How can two little people make such a big mess.

Oh-oh! Look at this mess!

What mess?

I'm just kidding.

Hopefully tomorrow will go a little smoother. However, one good thing did happen today. Jackson said his first word, mama!!!


Pappysteve said...

Hurrah! Finally a way to watch the grandkids grow! You did a great job Amber and Scott (both with the blog and with the two little darlings!)

Bunches of love.

Grandma & Pappy

Nana said...

This is wonderful, my class looks forward to the pictures each day too. Of course there is a crowd at the door too.
I love you all as much as the waves come in. X O