Saturday, January 20, 2007

Little Mommy

Today I realized that I have a little competition. It appears as though a certain someone is willing and able to take over my job as "The Mama". Recently, Jackson has been pullling up on everything. His latest accomplishment is pulling up on the blinds to the back door, holding on to the blinds and shaking them, and himself, as hard as he can. Of course that is a "no no", which we repeatedly tell him. On Friday, I captured these photos of the little Mommy correcting and disciplining her brother. Let's critique her technique.

Here she is telling him "no no that is dangerous".

He continues and she tells him "Look at me. I said no no".

He persists and the third time she attempts to pop him on the hand.


Lloyd said...

I love these pictures

Grandma Rhonda said...

Well 'big mama' it looks like your job is just about over You will soon be able to sit and do nothing It looks like 'little mama' has it all under control. Now if you can just get her to learn to cook, eh?!

Lloyd said...

What a tender loving touch she is giving her brother. Wait until they are teenagers.

Nana said...

It is wonderful to see these pictures. I love seeing how they get along with each other. What memories it brings back. It's like watching you and Derrrick all over again.

GG said...

I see Amber and Derrick in these pictures and in what is happening. Also, I can go back even further and I see Sheila and Gail. Funny how these traits are passed down.

Love you GREAT Grandbabies to pieces!