Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jackson's Makeover

This morning as I was getting ready, the kids were playing on the bathroom floor. They were both laying on the floor just jibber jabbering to one another. I got the camera out in hopes of capturing this precious moment. As I snapped the picture I noticed something white on Jackson's face. I wiped it off and continued getting ready. A few minutes later the white stuff was back on his face, but this time I new how it had gotten there. Ellie had a tube of balmex and was putting it all over his face. Jackson just kept looking at her like what are you doing. If you look closely you can see a little white stuff around his eyes.

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Nana said...

This brings back such fun memories. Do you remember all the times you gave Derrick makeovers (skirts, heals, plates in the shirt, and bows in the curls). He looked at you the same way Jack is looking at Ellie. That little apple sure didn't fall from the tree. I love this.