Friday, November 9, 2007

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

It's hard to believe that early on I was a little concerned about Ellie's speach development. Once this child started talking she hasn't stopped. She says the cutest things and I want to always remember her cute little phrases.

A few nights ago Scott was trying to hurry her along into the tub and she turned to him and said "I'm trying! Geesh!"

Yesterday morning I told her that her hair was a mess and she replied, "I know it's driving me nuts."

Last night she asked me for eight dollars that she needed by midnight.

She is constantly telling us "my favorite color is pink and purple."

Every morning after I get ready she tells me "Mommy you like a princess."

I love when she looks at Jackson and tells him "Jackson you so cute."

And recently she loves to whisper I love you in your ear. There is no sweeter sound.


GG said...

This reminds me of you - Amber - when you used to say "Ugg Ooo" for love you. We loved hearing that!

Nana said...
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Nana said...

This picture looks so good. The fuzzy effect you did on it makes it look like you just caught sight of a real fairy princess. I always wanted to remember every precious thing about you too, but I couldn't. What did happen was I loved you more with every thing that you did and said....and still do to this day. XO

Fuller said...

Scottie, don't you have a baby picture in the same outfit!?!