Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eggsteme Eggventure

The Eggsteme Eggventure began on Thursday morning by coloring a dozen eggs. Ellie enjoyed coloring the eggs and took a lot of time making sure everything was just right.

Jack on the other hand, was not quite as interested. Coloring eggs wasn't eggsteme enough, so he decided to spice things up a bit.

The kids and I spent Friday evening with the Emery's. Ellie and the Emery kids colored a few more eggs. This time we kept Jack at a safe distance. Saturday morning we went to the Easter Eggstavaganza at the church. We started by decorating a few egg shaped cupcakes. This took quite a while.

We listened closley to Miss Kathy tell the Easter story.

Then it was outside for the egg hunt.

(Take a look at Jack's shoes! They are adorable!)

We finished out Eggventure with some face painting and a hotdog lunch.

We had an Eggcellent time and can't wait to see what the Easter bunny is going to bring us.

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Nana said...

What fun they look like they are having. It is killing me that I'm not with you this week. I miss those sweet mouths and soft cheeks. Kiss them for me. XO