Monday, March 26, 2007

Water Babies

Since it was 86 degrees, I decided that today we would have a little water play after nap time. Ellie and I put our swimsuits on, and headed outside to hook up the sprinkler. She loved splashing and playing ring around the rosies.

Evertime she would stomp we could hear a little giggle from afar. I had left Jack on the porch to play with some balls, because I didn't think he would like the splashing.

It wasn't long until he had made his way over to where we were. And boy was I wrong about the splashing. He loved it!

Ellie soon figured out that it was quite easy to remove her swimsuit and of course without any hesitation, as you can see, that is what she did. Well at least she was half dressed.


Nana said...

There's nothing better than naked babies. These are great! Kiss them for me.

Christy Zachary and Ethan said...

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy checking in on you guys. The pictures and comments are precious and make us laugh.