Sunday, August 10, 2008

Helping Out

Ok, so with the absence of diapers it has become abundantly clear that my kids are growing up way to fast. I could mourn the loss of the "baby phase", but truth be told Scott and I are enjoying our new found independence. We are embracing the fact that they are growing up and have decided that it is time for them to start pullling their weight around the house.

So this weekend the kids vacumed the couches.

Ellie dried my hair for me.

And Ellie tucked Jackson in at night.

Don't worry though this weekend wasn't all work and no play. We still managed to squeeze in some fun family time at the pool and the lake.


Nana said...

I need helpers at my house, when can I get them.

Tallon said...

the kids are adorable Amber!! We are enjoying our diaper free days as well around here=) (atleast until the baby arrives in December!) The pic of your mom and the kids is SOOO GOOD!!! i know you enjoyed having her in town!!