Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Big Pink Puppy

Those of you have ever visited the Moore house know that there was a rather large pink puppy that shared Ellie's room with her. The kids loved to read stories, lay and even jump on the puppy. I had every intention that when Ellie got her new bed that we would find a new home for the puppy because there was not enough space in her room. Well the puppy found a new home alright. The puppy has now made its home in the living room of the Moore house. I didn't have the heart to get rid of it. The kids love it and it is perfect for them to lay on while they watch movies. I don't know why we couldn't just get bean bag chairs like normal families.

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Nana said...

When has your house ever been normal?!!! The abnormal is what makes it funny and so much fun. XO