Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's Party Time

We had a wonderful time today at the Birmingham Zoo celebrating Ellie and Jackson's birthday. We arrived at the Zoo at 9:45 AM and they took us to the birthday room.

Once inside the animal encounter began. They brought out several animals for the kids to touch. For Dada's sake there were no snakes allowed.

After we said goodbye to the animals, we blew out the candles on our monkey cake. Everybody had a piece of cake and some ice cream. It was delicious.

When we finished our cake we headed down for a train ride around the zoo. Our next stop was over to the lake to feed the fish and then to the carousel. Around 12 noon we decided to grab a bite to eat in the cafateria and that is where we opened our gifts. Ellie and Jackson got some wonderful things and have already enjoyed playing with many of them. Once the gifts were opened it was time to see the animals. By this point Jackson was bearly hanging on. He managed to stay awake through the petting zoo and the reptile house, but it wasn't long until he was asleep. However, he did wake up in time to see a buffalo, the giraffes, and the zebras.

Ellie, however, hung on strong. She really loved seeing the animals. The elephant was silly and surprisingly the alligator was not scary. But the birds were. While Dada and Ellie were feeding the birds Ellie tried to pet it and it bit her. Here is the result of that encounter. It was a great party and we hope everyone had a wonderful time.


Nana said...

I can't get over how Ellie looks like she's grown since last weekend. She looks taller and thinner. They both look like they really enjoyed their party. Sure wish we could have been there, in our hearts we were.

Grandma Rhonda said...

What a wonderful time it looked like they had. Precious moments that enrich their lives. I love the look on Ellie's face on the first picture - she is so intent on whatever she is looking at. It looks like Mama and Dada had just as much fun with it all - your faces were precious too - fun written all over them. Happy Birthday our sweet little ones - wish we could have celebrated it with you!!